SNOWTAM made easy. Safe Sky Atlas is a digital tool and Decision Support System for reporting RCR and SNOWTAM according to GRF

App & Web based

SNOWTAM made easy with a digital platform to register your airfield conditions – either through the mobile app or through the web app. Easy access, online collaboration and fully according to the new Global Reporting Format (GRF).

Simultaneous Users

With unlimited simultaneous users, reporting their assessments directly in the app or through the web, reporting is done effectively and viewable in realtime.

Fully compliant with GRF

Safe Sky Atlas is designed fully according to the new Global Reporting Format (GRF) and complies with all requirements and regulations.

Decision Support

The regulatory framework for the new SNOWTAM-reporting format (GRF) is incorporated in Atlas and guides you every step of the way.

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Safe Sky Atlas

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Together with our clients we rethought airport inspections, especially for RCR and SNOWTAM.

Easy access, online collaboration and fully according to the new ICAO Global Reporting Format (ICAO GRF) and EASA GRF. Safe Sky Atlas is a digital platform for reporting RCR and SNOWTAM.

Register the assessment of the infrastructure on a smartphone,  a tablet or through the web-app. The assessment is compiled into the proper SNOWTAM-format and can be send directly to any chosen recipient or proper authority. 

Safe Sky Atlas also acts as decision support because the regulatory framework around the new SNOWTAM-reporting format (GRF) is incorporated in Atlas. 

Atlas easily integrates with other applications. Accessible through the cloud (SaaS) or fully installed within your IT environment. 

Direct registration on airfield condition

Make the registration of the assessments direct in a mobile App on iOS or Android or through the web app. The assessments are automatically compiled into official reports and can be sent of directly from the same device, no middlemen needed.

Easy realtime collaboration

Any number of simultaneous inspectors can register the condition in different areas and all data is compiled and mirrored in realtime in Atlas. Any stakeholder or device given access can view the data in realtime making it in full accordance with CDM.

Mobile Decision Support System

Report in accordance with the new Global Reporting Format. The regulatory framework around GRF is built in Atlas and helps you report accordingly. The MDSS actively helps you preventing false and incorrect inputs when assessing the infrastructure.

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