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About Safe Sky

Sweden-based Safe Sky Industries is a world renowned developer and provider of digital tools and solutions for the aviation industry.

These tools and solutions are developed to increase efficiency, improve safety and provide decision support for our clients.

Safe Sky originated as a conceptualization- and development-partner for actors within the aviation industry, predominantly partnering in developing concepts and products to digitalize tools and work-methods used for assessing and reporting airside conditions formerly performed manually.

The goal was to create digital decision support systems to harmonize operations, minimize sources of error and develop tools to measure operational performance in order to track performance and facilitate operational improvements.

Those systems intended to digitize the operation and the workways in order to increase efficiency, assure safety by reduce sources of error and facilitate visualization of the operation-status and status of the infrastructure, all in accordance with CDM.

Safe Sky develops custom-built solutions by orders from clients as well as provides a range of more generic tools aimed to boost and maximize operation.

What we do...

Bespoke development

Safe Sky originated as a conceptualization- and development-partner for actors within the aviation industry. We develop custom-built IT-solutions in conjunction with the user to meet the specific need.

Off the shelf-products

Besides bespoke developments we also develop more geneic tools, such as the Snowtam generator. All our developments and toos can be cloud based or on premise depending on the clients requirements and needs, both without any loss of quality or accuracy.


Our staff has worked for airports worldwide for more then a decade. From our experiences within the sector and the feedback from our customers we offer custom made solutions fit to your situation. We will deliver and implement our solutions in close cooperation with our clients. 

Join our team

Currently we’re looking to fill the following positions; if this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Sales - Asia

We are looking for a dedicated person to take point in the sales on the Asian market. Prior experience in the area is essential. 


Backoffice Sales Support

We are looking to fill the newly appointed role as Sales Support. Your responsibility will be to work closely with the sales team, as well as the Deployment team to assist the customers from potential lead, through the sales-process and information need all the way until the customers onboarding and sign off. Are you the person who are at the heart of things and enjoy a rapid growing, international environment get in contact with us!


Digital Content Manager

Come join us as our Digital Content Manager. You will handle everything from our website to our digital campaigns and sales efforts online. You need to have experience and understanding of digital sales channels, adwords etc.


Web designer

We are growing our digital marketing team and are looking for a Web Designer. This is a cross functional position where you will be working both with our Marketing department as well as the product Development department. In close cooperation with the Digital Content Manager you will develop our digital channels. You will also be working with our product development department in the development of our products webinterface. You must have an interest in UI and UX and the sky is the limit if you join us!


Deployment manager

Come join us as our new Deployment manager. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be both to ensure the success of the deployment of a new customer as well as the strategic development of our deployment processes and standardize, automatize  and streamline our deployment and training processes.

Safe Sky Industries, Inc.

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